A draft version of Virtual Connection opportunities.

Virtual Connection opportunities at the MitOst Festival 2021


Learn about opportunities to connect to the MitOst Festival 2021 no matter where you are!

Coming together lies at the heart of each MitOst Festival. 

This year, owing to the decentralized format, we will be able to meet in person in smaller, local groups but we might find ourselves missing our friends from other corners of the world. To address the need of connecting interregionally and to keep up the spirit of One MitOst Festival despite the distance, we propose a few virtual activities, in the framework of the Virtual Connections. All of the activities were offered, designed, and will be implemented by community members who decided to hold space for encounters across regions and localities. 

You can have a sneak peek at the proposal already now and start making plans for when you'd like to join. Please keep in mind that all ideas are currently under development which means that changes to the schedule are likely! Do you have an idea for a virtual encounter in mind? Reach out at festival[at]mitost.org and we will support you in bringing it to life! 

What's on the menu? 

Agoras and Members' Assembly will be happening online. The first Agora will already take place on 21 September and will be preceded by a joyful opening moment celebrated together. Community Groups' Meetings and a Movie Screening will create informal space for the community to meet and mingle and will give you an opportunity to meet with your programmes' peers. 
The Connecting Moments will bring together all Festival Satellites and individual members in creative and engaging hybrid formats, allowing creative and artistic expressions!

How can you join?

All virtual activities will be open for all community members - both participants of Satellite activities and individual members joining from their homes (Yes! This year you can join the Festival in your pajamas and slippers, too!)

Details of each encounter, including topics, hosts and zoom links will be shared with you in the next newsletter and via Facebook group and Telegram channel  (please read how to join in the section below!)