Photo by Ruslan Kildeev

Thank you!


Thank you for 5 days filled with deep connection, meaningful conversation, inspiring co-creation and joint living room dancing - we are amazed and grateful that all of this is possible online.

It was wonderful to spend the past days with you in our festival house that was filled with resonance, play, adventure, joy and also one or the other challenge!

The festival house was not much different than a real house: some of the most inspiring conversations on community drivers, project work and sustainability took place in our kitchen during the Co-Creations Space.
In our courtyard we discussed during the MitOst Agora and took decisions together during the MitOst Members’ Assembly.

After some work it was nice to come to the living room to enjoy some pampering from our baristi during the MitOst Café. Some people retreated to the garden during that time to enjoy a tea meditation, practice gratitude or shake their bodies during a mindful break.
On the terrace, we could broaden our horizon by engaging in sessions on political activism and enjoy some insights into the Moldovan reality.

After long and intense days it was a great pleasure to cozy up in the salon to enjoy some community fun. We snuggled up to watch Sebastian Heinzel’s “The War In Me” on intergenerational trauma, shared some of our own art during Art for Change or listened to each other deeply while being gathered around the fireplace. Here, we danced together to the music of Zdob si Zdub and got excited about our very own wheel of fortune during the Skill Share Tombola. 

Thank you for all your contributions, co-creation and connection! Many, many thanks go to the Moldovan members of the festival team: you really made this festival house a home for the whole festival community!

During the last days, we tidied up the house and hung some pictures on the walls. Hop over to the festival platform and enjoy some of those memories.

See you next year in Moldova!

We hope that you already fell in love with Moldova during this year’s festival as much as we did because we’re already planning the 19th International MitOst Festival in the city of Chișinău and the village of Rîșcova together with our dear friends from EcoVisio, Centrul de Urbanism and other local partners.

We are sending you a virtual hug and are moving with warm hearts into some slower days with less screen time. Until 9 December our office in Berlin will not be fully staffed which might result in some delays in answering your e-mails and calls. After that, we will be back with new energy and inspiration to continue our journey of the Year of the Community.