Online-Infomeeting zum MitOst-Festivalprogramm


Join us on Tuesday, 4th of June at 5pm, for an online call for the potential session host at the MitOst Festival. We are looking forward to your questions.

We are inviting potential session hosts to an online call on the MitOst Festival programme. The call is designed for those who want to submit a programme proposal as well as for those who have already submitted one.

In the first part of the call, general information on the application and selection process and the curation of the festival programme will be provided. The main focus will be dedicated to specific questions of the attendees. Please note that the online call will be held in English and/or German.

Time: Tuesday, 4th of June; 5pm (Berlin time).

Place: online. The zoom call can be accessed via this link. Prior to the first usage, zoom programme app has to be installed. This procedure can be launched when accessing the above-mentioned link. It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete the procedure.

We are looking forward to your questions, ideas and comments!


MitOst Festival Topics 2019

Since the MitOst Festival Programme is shaped by the ideas and dedication of the participants themselves, we invite you to submit the session proposal for common reflection and learning as well as for joint creativity and celebration until 10th of June 2019 online.

This year's festival topic is “Exploring Europe” providing space to explore our understanding of Europe in a wider sense. Along the three topic lines of "Public Spaces", "Socially Engaged Art" and "Puzzle Pieces of Europe" we invite you to host deep discussions, reflection circles, artistic performances, playful actions, experiments with alternative learning methods, and gamified formats to make the MitOst Festival a place of meaningful and joyful exchange.

Public Spaces

Europe becomes tangible when we meet and engage in our streets, squares and parks - reclaiming, rehabilitating, remodelling them. What do Public Spaces mean to you?

Civic Art

Europe can be experienced when we engage in arts and culture. Through creative encounters, we can grow as individuals and societies. What are your experiences with Civic Art?

Puzzle Pieces of Europe

Europe is multifaceted and sometimes puzzling.  We invite you to share your diverse puzzle pieces of Europe: Which visions of living and working together in Europe inspire you? Which realities in Europe and caused by Europe call to action? Which stories and narratives about Europe do you want to share?