This year we are excited to introduce the Satellite concept for the MitOst Festival. This new concept will combine the connectedness of an online format with the opportunity to gather together that you expect from a more typical Festival. Instead of one large gathering at a single location, Satellite Festivals will be held in locations around the region. From Chisinau to Berlin and Belgium to Egypt, each location will have it's own programme, events, and workshops. Yet, we will connect vitually at  planned times as if there is one big Festival taking place over the entire region! 

You can find each Festival location below with information of how to contact them if you'd like to be invovled or attend.

Contact Berlin Satellite

Click Here for Berlin Satellite Celebration Invitation/Programme

Members of Berlin are planning to celebrate in-person with a party at the MitOst offices right after the Members' Assembly. Participants can expect food, music, and plenty of chances to meet and catch up with one another. If possible, two workshops will also be held in the morning on 25. Saturday.

Contact Moldova Satellite

Click Here for Moldova Satellite Invitation/Programme

What awaits you at the Moldova Satellite? City walks, talks with local activists and artists, wine tasting, yummy vegetarian food, local music, rural workshop experiences, and sleeping in a clay house.

Contact Brussels Satellite

Click Here for Brussels Satellite Invitation/Programme

On Friday evening, we will bring together like-minded individuals and organisations to have an informal networking event together, while also organising the Zoom MitOst Quiznight with all the other satellites. On Saturday, we will be organising a morning event together with the other satellites using prompts on Telegram. We will also take our participants on a walking tour of Brussels, where they will explore progressive initiatives that support rural-urban integration, city sustainability, and sustainability more broadly.

Contact Zemo Magharo, Kakheti, Georgia Satellite

We will have an outside community day to spend time with the local community members of the villages. We will come together with them around common values and beliefs, discuss challenges that local communities are facing, and reimagine the neighborhood as a community space with needs-based social functions and services.

Contact Kaspi, Georgia Satellite

First, we tour around Kaspi with a local guide and interesting data about the city, where an alumni group is now building a community house. The day will be finished with the common Co-creation dinner, where we will connect through local cuisine and exchange on ideas, how we can create more common ground for further collaboration in the prospective of Georgia and the region.

Contact Kobuleti, Georgia Satellite

The main topic of our MitOst Satellite Location is environmental sustainability and community action. We offer participants to get to know other MitOst community members and active participants of MitOst projects; a specially tailored tour around the Ispani Mires – UNESCO and RAMSAR site of international importance; and games on environmental sustainability and natural heritage preservation (“EcoBoom”, “Travelling Around the Ispani Mires”).

Contact Izmir Satellite

The day will start up with the first coffee and go on with a Tai Chi Chi Kung session, led by Bahar Nihal Ersozlu; lunch; Alumni Experience Sharing session, moderated by Safak Ersozlu and duo musical performance by Noksan, performed by Kemal Begtas and Sarp Keskiner.

Contact Thessaloniki Satellite

Contact Athens Satellite

Located in Exarchia Athens, we hope to see again friends and fellows of our MitOst community, track our trajectories during these last years, exchange and explore how we can support one another in our future plans, and have fun together!

Contact Alexandria Satellite

On offer: Collective gathering and dinner, socializing, and reconnecting. Open space and exchange sessions as well as pre-prepared training skills, building the community & networking. Then a collective celebration with a Drum circle / folk dance, collaborative performance, and board games. On Saturday, there will be a community breakfast social activities and non-formal group activities: meditation, games, or quality time.

Contact Balkans Satellite

As it is a tradition in the Balkans, we are gathering around the table to re-connect and put the elephant in the center of the room. We will talk, exercise, write, draw, perform, and walk our journey in search of well-being in the times of global pandemics. We will provide a hosting space from Thursday to Sunday for MitOst members and friends coming from different Balkan countries to contribute, exchange, and be. The Satellite is hosted by the Balkans, let's get up! Organisation, part of the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg and MitOst community since its inception in 2009.

Contact Tirana Satellite

Tek Bunkeri invites MitOst community members and their interested peers and MitOst-supported project participants from Albania and the Balkans to meet for a weekend of connection, reflection and exchange. Throughout the weekend, the Tirana Satellite will connect MitOst project Alumni from Tandem, VAHA, Our Voices and MOCI with local peers in a playful and informal setting of Open Spaces, a community brunch and dinner and fun evening at Destil and Tek Bunkeris Vila.


What is a Satellite location?

A Satellite is a location is a city, town, or place that can host a Festival gathering. These Satellites gatherings will take place at the same time in the fourth week of September. Sometime in that week we plan to connect each Satellite location together virtually and will provide other opportunities for participants to connect to one another.

Where are the Satellite locations?

So far there are 8 Satellites in the following locations: Chisinau, Moldova; Berlin, Germany; Odessa, Ukraine; Athens, Greece; Thessaloniki, Greece; Multiple locations, Georgia; Brussels, Belgium; and Egypt. And there may be more, smaller gatherings planned as well.

What will happen at a Satellite location?

The programme of each Satellite is up to the organizers at each location. There could be workshops, presentations, concerts, picnics, and more. 

How long will a Satellite meeting last?

This is also up to the organizers at each location. Please reach out to the Satellite you are interested in attending to find out more.

What should we consider regarding COVID-19?

Please follow the current country, regional, and municipal laws regarding COVID-19 and gathering in your location. Participant health should be a top priority for each gathering.