Festival Team

The MitOst Festival is always jointly organised in an international team from the MitOst office and a local festival office.

Team in Republic of Moldova


EcoVisio is a grassroots non-profit organisation from Moldova founded in 1999. Their mission is to help Moldova reach its full potential as a model-region for sustainable development. In order to achieve this, they initiate and develop initiatives on various topics, such as organic agriculture, waste management or circular economy. EcoVisio connects individuals, groups and institutional actors working towards a common vision by providing support and platforms for shared learning. Their guiding principle is that inspiration and togetherness are the best tools for change.

Centrul de Urbanism

Centrul de Urbanism (Centre of Urbanism) is a non-profit organisation from Moldova. Since 2017, the young organisation works towards their vision of improved quality of life for people and their communities in Moldova. It brings together professionals from different fields, such as urbanism, architecture, environment, anthropology or arts in order to initiate, support and facilitate sustainable urban and rural development and make a positive change in Chişinău and Moldova.


The festival team can be reached at: festival@mitost.org