Barna Petrányi

Barna is a founder and managing director of Pro Progressione. With an academic background in economics, he worked as controlling director for Sziget Ltd., the organizer of the most important outdoor festival of the region. After becoming the manager of Cie Pal Frenak, a well-known Hungarian-French choreographer and his company, he founded Pro Progressione a decade ago. Personally, Barna is active in the art community. He served already as board member of the Association of the Hungarian Independent Theatres and was the advisory board member of the IETM, the most important European network for the independent performing scene.

Sara Pallag

Sara is a project manager at Pro Progressione. She studied Hungarian and Cultural Studies at the Eötvös Loránt University. She also attended the Comperative Literary and Cultural Studies and received a honorary Master Degree in 2016. Sara worked as a project manager at the Pentaton Artist and Concert Management, the oldest private agency in Central and Eastern Europe. She also worked as an assistant in the Rózsavölgyi Szalon, a small theater with great Hungarian artists. Sara has spent her entire life in the world of arts: dancing ballet from the age of five, playing flute, singing as a student of Schola Cantorum Budapestiensis, and being on the stage as a student of drama class during high school. As a person commited to social/community affairs she is happy to work with Pro Progressione.

Ildikó Novák

Ildikó graduated from the Budapest College of Economics, Finance and Accounting in 2001. She worked as a bookkeeper and financial officer for several small and medium-sized enterprises. She worked for Stáb Filmfactory Kft. for about 15 years, which was the third largest advertising film studio in Hungary in the 1990s and 2000s. Here, she was able to get to know many successful artists, like the cameraman Gyula Pados or the directors Péter Bergendy and Gábor Rohonyi. This experience has deepened her love for cinema, however, she has always been open to all kind of arts, be it literature, fine arts or performing arts. Supporting young artists' activities and their ambitions is especially close to her heart.

Pro Progressione

The artistic agency of creative ideas has become the most important link for Hungarian independent art organizations and artists to international collaborations. Pro Progressione focuses on cooperation and co-work between artists, coming from different artistic background and having an interdisciplinary approach. The organisation is working with both emerging and established artists as well as small-scale independent organizations and recently with bigger public institutions to foster their international relations and implement new type, contemporary of artistic projects together.


Kathrin Oerters

Kathrin Oerters is as cultural manager based in Berlin and coordinator of the MitOst Network of Members and Alumni at MitOst e.V. She is in charge of the annual International MitOst Festival. After graduating in history and philosophy, she worked as a research fellow and lecturer at the Institute for Social Movements in Bochum. From 2013 to 2015 she was a Robert Bosch Cultural Manager in Astrakhan, Russia. With the MitOst Festival she wants to create a place of reflection and co-creation, where participants from all over Europe can meet as people and professional civil society actors.

Lisa Schulze

Lisa is from Berlin and loves urban interventions and the city’s hidden beauties, especially in the outskirts. During her Literature Studies she got a taste of Prague and Pilsen. In Berlin, she experiments with sustainable and minimalist practices. At MitOst she supports the Network of Members and Alumni to create spaces for professional exchange as well as encounters in our humanity.

Ivana Mandić

Ivana is a student of the Master's program in Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts at the University of Bologna and alumna of Balkans let's get up! programme. From March until June 2018 she supported the Network of Members and Alumni Department in the preparation of the CitizensLab meeting and MitOst Camp. Since August 2018 she is back in the team as an EVS volunteer, supporting the organization of the MitOst Festival. 

Anna Jankowska

Anna has a background in German Studies and Local Government and Development Studies. She is active in the fields of Polish-German cooperation and non-formal education. After her fellowship in the German Bundestag, Anna is rejoining the Network of Members and Alumni Department and becomes part of the  Festival team again.

Jelena Kostić

Jelena is from Belgrade, Serbia, where she studied Comparative Literature, currently working on her Master thesis. After completing her studies, she was working as a primary school teacher and she is equally interested in formal and non-formal ways of learning.  She is alumna of the Belgrade Open School, department for advanced undergraduate studies, and alumna of “Balkans, let's get up!”. Besides literature, she is interested in movies, especially documentaries. At MitOst she will be working at the Network of Members and Alumni Department as an EVS volunteer.

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