During five days the MitOst Festival in Budapest offers a wide range of topics and formats – to discuss, share, learn and network.


The Most Important Information at a Glance


The Format

The festival creates a third space, where peaceful exchange, reflexion, learning and co-creation are possible. The four day programme usually consists of about 80 parallel events: discussions, lectures, workshops, presentations, working groups and vivid cultural offers ranging from film screenings and exhibitions to concerts and performances.

We are all in for peer education, meaning that events are being shaped by the participants themselves. They share their knowledge and expertise, exchange on approaches and methods, present their projects, discuss problems and trends and develop common initiatives.


Topics 2019

Motto: Exploring Europe

This year's festival has the theme “Exploring Europe” and provides a space to explore our understanding of Europe in a wider sense, including the countries neighbouring the Mediterranean as well Russia and the Caucasus.

Along the following three topic lines we invite participants to host deep discussions, reflection circles, artistic performances, playful actions, experiments with alternative learning methods, and gamified formats to make the MitOst Festival a place of meaningful and joyful exchange.

Public Spaces

Europe becomes tangible when people meet and engage in their streets, squares and parks —whether in Budapest, in Berlin, in Baku or in Bristol. Public spaces are common spaces that people claim, rehabilitate and remodel while negotiating different interests, perspectives and opinions. During the MitOst Festival, we want to look at this social sphere where we as communities and societies deal with each other and with our environment.

We welcome suggestions for session from people who turn public spaces into playgrounds for creative, thought-provoking, action-initiating interventions and interactions with the city and its people.

Civic Art

Europe can be experienced when people engage in arts and culture. Through creative encounters, we can grow as individuals and societies. They allow us to overcome differences and stereotypes and build empathy and understanding as the basis for meaningful and sustainable relationships. During the MitOst Festival, we want to be active through our creative imaginary. How do you reflect and restructure reality through art in order to play around with alternative ways of thinking, acting and organising?

We invite those who connect art and civil society and explore the role of socially engaged art in today’s (civil) societies to share their experiences.

Puzzle Pieces of Europe

Europe is multifaceted and sometimes puzzling. We would like to use the encounters at the MitOst Festival to actively make sense of what Europe means within the different MitOst communities of educators and facilitators, cultural managers and artists, activists and change makers, and to discover how this community of active citizens relates to Europe.

This is a wildcard! It helps us to approach what we understand as a wider Europe. The festival is an invitation to share diverse puzzle pieces: What ignites passion about Europe? Which visions of living and working together in Europe are inspiring? Which tendencies in Europe have to be watched with a critical eye? Which realities in Europe and caused by Europe call civil society actor to action? Which stories and narratives about Europe should be shared? What impact of the MitOst network’s activities is visible in, around and beyond Europe?