Getting involved in Co-creating the MitOst Festival

Co-creation is the core of the MitOst Festival. The festival becomes meaningful by the way festival participants bring in and attend sessions, engage with and contribute to its contents.

During the MitOst Festival participants host each other in sessions, share knowledge, engage in and with the community. All sessions are designed in a way that allows participants to get involved. Not only during the festival, but also in between festivals, there are opportunities to get involved and co-create.


Co-Creation Space

During the 18th International MitOst Festival the Year of the Community. as part of MitOst’s transition into a network organisation started.

From now on, a Co-Creation Space takes place on the last Thursday of each month.

In order to receive information on the next Co-Creation Space, interested people can sign up for the communication channels at community(at) There is also an opportunity to become more involved as a co-creator and a co-host as part of the Co-Creation Space hosting team.