Co-creating the MitOst Festival

From 18 to 22 November 2020, MitOst invites its friends and members as well as everyone interested in cultural and civic exchange in Europe and its neighbouring regions to the 18th International MitOst Festival. This year, the festival team from Berlin and Republic of Moldova invite you on a digital festival journey.

Become Part of the MitOst Festival Community

During the MitOst Festival we will explore how we can nurture community in times of uncertainty and complexity and together shape ways into a just, responsible and livable future.

The MitOst Festival will become special and meaningful through all of the ways in which you as participants co-shape the event. Come and join the festival to

  • connect during daily check-ins or in the virtual MitOst café
  • contribute, collaborate and co-create during Open Space Sessions hosted by the festival team with conversations emerging from the community
  • share and learn from and with each other during the different sessions
  • have fun and be inspired during community moments such as a project slam, a skillshare tombola and many more unique surprises

Contributing to the MitOst Festival

The MitOst Festival is an interactive festival. All sessions are designed so that participants can contribute. The best way to contribute is to get actively involved in the discussions, maybe already bring one or the other idea with you about what you want to share. There will be no shortage of invitations to bring them up. It's up to you to do that.