Co-creating the MitOst Festival

From 18 to 22 November 2020, MitOst invites its friends and members as well as everyone interested in cultural and civic exchange in Europe and its neighbouring regions to the 18th International MitOst Festival. This year, the festival team from Berlin and Republic of Moldova invite you on a digital festival journey.

Become Part of the MitOst Festival Community

During the MitOst Festival we will explore how we can nurture community in times of uncertainty and complexity and together shape ways into a just, responsible and livable future.

The MitOst Festival will become special and meaningful through all of the ways in which you as participants co-shape the event. Come and join the festival to

  • connect during daily check-ins or in the virtual MitOst café
  • contribute, collaborate and co-create during Co-Creation Space Sessions hosted by the festival team with conversations emerging from the community
  • share and learn from and with each other during the different sessions
  • have fun and be inspired during community moments such as an art contest, a skillshare tombola and many more unique surprises

Contributing to the MitOst Festival

The MitOst Festival is an interactive festival. All sessions are designed so that participants can contribute. The best way to contribute is to get actively involved in the discussions, maybe already bring one or the other idea with you about what you want to share. There will be no shortage of invitations to bring them up. It's up to you to do that.

Contribute to the Co-Creation Space

At the 18th International MitOst Festival we open a space for a collective process of co-creation around the festival’s calling question
How can we nurture community in times of uncertainty and complexity and, together, shape new ways towards a just, sustainable and liveable future?
We would like to offer this question to the MitOst Festival community as a starting point for meaningful conversations during two Co-Creation Spaces on Wednesday and Sunday.

The Co-Creation Space will initiate a one-year journey of the MitOst community. With the Year of Community we invite all of us to deepen our experiences as a community and to start meaningful joint initiatives.

How Does it Work?

Come up with a topic, question or concern that is important to you and relates to our calling question. In the Co-Creation Space you can explore it together with others. Or join the call of another person with which you resonate. We will jointly set the agenda of our Co-Creation Space on the spot - based on the sessions that you propose during the Co-Creation Space.

What Topics Will Be Discussed During the Co-Creation Space?

We are especially inviting conversations

  • related to our communities’ purpose; meaningful conversations that support us to shape new ways towards a just, sustainable and liveable future. Those conversations can be inspired by your professional and private experiences, knowledge and practices
  • related to co-shaping and nurturing community. During those conversations you could for example invite the community to together define shared principles for the Year of the Community, explore in which roles we can and want to be involved, or share different practices that we want to try out or cultivate together

We cordially invite you to get involved, to collaborate and to shape this year. By participating in the Co-Creation Space, you will become part of a collaborative practice and, as a community member, shape the MitOst community.

You want to become a conversation host during the Co-Creation Space? More information here. If you have any questions to this new and experimental format, please contact us at festival(at)

Contribute to the MitOst Festival Art Contest "Arts for Change"

We invite you to contribute to the MitOst Festival Arts Contest! "Arts for Change" is a space to inspire and support each other through art.

Art has always helped people to reflect thoughts and feelings about what is happening in the world around us. Today, while we experience complexity and uncertainty during challenging times of crises and global lockdowns, music, poetry, and visual arts have become more important than ever for individual and collective reflection and coping, for connecting with ourselves and others. Therefore, along with spaces for discussion, „Arts for Change“ creates a space where we can make sense of our current reality by connecting to and through art.

You can contribute to this space

  • By offering your perspective about the current reality in a creative way in our art gallery: Record a short video (up to 5 minutes) with a performance you want to share - sing a song that you like, read out a text that you find inspiring, comment a piece of art you think is helpful in these times. Anything is welcome! During the festival, all contributors can perform live for the festival community to vote on their favourite pieces. You can enter your creative contribution until 20 November.
  • By attending the live performance: Offer your presence and appreciation to the performers by cheering them on and letting yourself be moved by their contributions.

The winners of „Arts for Change“ will receive nice gifts auch as a free ticket for the next offline MitOst Festival in Moldova in 2021.

Contribute to the Skill Share Tombola

The tombola, one of the festival classics, will this year become an opportunity to strengthen and deepen your connection with other community members as well as share and learn from and with each other.

The gifts that you can win this year will be an online session with another community member who will be sharing their skills, talents or passions with you! See all gifts that have been contributed so far here.

You can enter the tombola bowl to win one of the fantastic skill share sessions in two ways. Both involve a contribution to the community.

  • You can share your skills, talents or passions yourself. The gifts can be an answer to the festival’s calling question “How can we nurture community in times of uncertainty and complexity and, together, shape new ways towards a just, sustainable and liveable future?" We encourage you to go with this option. The more gifts enter the tombola the more vibrant, diverse and fun it will get. You can enter your gift until Saturday, 21 November; 17:00 (CET).   
  • You can also buy a lot and financially support a project in the community. This option will be introduced and available during the festival.

During the tombola on Saturday evening, our charismatic and cherished moderation team will distribute the gifts in their unique and charming ways. Skill sharers and winners will have the chance to connect to each other during the tombola to self-organise the next steps of their online skill sharing sessions.

Nominate Your Favourite Initiative from the Community

Your financial contributions to the festival will support organisations in the MitOst community. If you know an initiative that promotes cultural exchange or active citizenship and deserves special appreciation write us an email to festival(at) During the MitOst Festival, the festival community will decide which initiatives to support. Nominated organisations have to be non-profits with charitable status.