We cordially invite you to this year's MitOst Members’ Assembly. The regular members’ assembly will take place during this year’s festival and will be fully online.

Saturday, 25 September 2021 12:30–17:00 (CEST) in Berlin, Germany, within the frame of the 19th International MitOst Festival as virtual members‘ assembly.

Participation in the Members’ Assembly

Every member of the Association can take part in the members’ assembly. The members’ assembly is open to all participants of the International MitOst Festival, whereby the right to vote is reserved exclusively for members of the association. Please find here the agenda for the members' assembly.

Participation in the virtual Members’ Assembly requires prior registration via this registration form. This registration is necessary so that members can exercise their right to vote during the members' assembly. For technical reasons, your registration must be made by 22 September 2021, 23:59 (CEST). If you are not a member of MitOst you do not need to register for the Members' Assembly.

Proposals for draft resolutions and other documents that will be shared during the members' assembly will be provided to all members from 10 September via the internal area of ​​the MitOst website and by e-mail. During the members’ assembly we will also use the video conferencing software Zoom and a voting system. You will receive more detailed information after registering for the members' assembly.

During the members’ assembly, participants have the opportunity to actively participate by using the chat and by requests to speak.

The members’ assembly will be held in English and will be simultaneously translated into Russian and/ or German if required. When registering, we ask you to indicate which language conditions we can create to enable you to actively participate.

The members’ assembly will not be recorded.

MitOst Agora

In order to give enough space to both the formal processes required for the members’ association as well as the discussions to co-shape MitOst, the members’ assembly will be supplemented by the MitOst Agora. In the Agora, draft resolutions for the members’ assembly are discussed in detail, reports are explained and emerging topics discussed. In addition, candidates for the committee work present themselves.

The MitOst Agora will be organised online using the video conferencing software Zoom and will begin the week prior to the MitOst Festival. It is open to all community members, members of the association and everyone interested in the development of MitOst. We will share the exact dates and times of the three Agora sessions by the end of August.

For a detailed agenda of the Agora meetings please click here.

Voluntary Boards at MitOst

The commitment of the members is an important part of the everyday life of MitOst. For the year 2021/2022, members of the MitOst Board will be elected at the members’ assembly. To the Board, two positions need to be elected: Second chair and an assessor. 

All candidates present themselves in detail to the members and answer questions during one of the Agoras. During the Members’ Assembly on 25 September 2021 a short presentation will take place.

If you are interested in joining these committees, we look forward to receiving your email with a short presentation of yourself and your motivation in the form of photo, video, flipchart by 30 August 2021 to vorstand(at)mitost.org. The current board members are available for your questions.