The festival team is excited to offer a new format for this year's festival. To limit international travel, and therfore the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus, the festival this year will take place in various locations as smaller gatherings rather than as one, large international festival. These gatherings are known as Satellites and can be found in several countries around the region. Each Satellite location will create and host it's own programme schedule, and at planned moments connect with one another for joint activities. We are still in the process of plannning these activities and are very excited to share them with you. In the meantime, please check our Satellites page here to see locations and request information on each location's programme.

Full Virtual Connections Overview Programme: Click here

16:30- 17:00
The 19th International MitOst Festival Opening Online
No matter where you are let's come together to open the 19th MitOst Festival. Sign in using the Zoom link above and greet the other participants from around the region to wish them an exciting and joyful celebration!
Agora 1 MitOst: Lost & Found
The MitOst cosmos is vast, complex, ever-expanding, always changing; it’s not always easy to find your way and even the most experienced navigators get lost sometimes! Please join our first Agora with all your questions, doubts, and concerns. Anything you were afraid to ask about MitOst or simply didn’t find the occasion. If it’s about the transition, what’s happening with MitOst projects, the festival, community membership, the future. There are no stupid questions...
Agora 2 Commons and Co-Creation: designing and planning formats
In this Agora, we warmly invite you to help us shape the MitOst Commons. The Commons is the space between our organizations, individual members, institutional members, people in the wider community, and newcomers to the MitOst Cosmos. The value of this space is the many connections between each of its parts, and we need your help to design and plan new formats to help maximize that value. We have two goals for this session: 1. to inform you of the developments of the last year, including the formation of the new Commons Team and the activity of the Co-Creation Circle, and 2. to harness your collective intelligence to shape the future of the Commons.
Agora 3 Market place
Here is a quick description of what participants can expect from this Agora session: The Report of the Board will be presented. Individuals who would like to present themselves as candidates for MitOst committee work, such as the Board of Directors, should announce their intention to be considered in the Members' Assembly. A proposal to use Co-Budgeting for MitOst Community Projects and shape the future of the Project Advisory Board will be presented.
19:00 -20:30
THK Community meeting
On the 22nd of September 2021 from 19:00 till 20:30 we will be organizing a joint Call for our community. This Call will be time for you to relax, (re)connect with your THK fellows, recall the nice times you spent together, tell your THK story and get updated about what others have been doing.

So bring your favorite THK memories (it can be an event, a photo, song, an object, etc.), prepare a short story, or just come to listen to others and join us on 22nd September at 19:00!
Lektorenprogramm (Lectureship Program) community meetin
Alumni:ae of the Lectureship Program in Asia

We invite all former lecturers to a virtual reunion. You can hear about the “IdeenCamp” that took place at the beginning of this month, present your own project idea and learn about funding opportunities. After an outlook on further activities of the alumni:ae network, there will be plenty of time to get to know other alumni:ae or catch up with old friends.
21:00 -23:00 movie screening The film É Pra Amanhã – Viagem a um Futuro Sustentável will screen during the Festival between 21:00-23:00 on Thursday 23. September 2021. É P'ra Amanhã is an independent and open-source documentary series of five episodes about sustainability in Portugal. The first episode “Food” premiered on the launch of the Lisbon European Green Capital in 2020 and was later screened on national television.
“É P’ra Amanhã,” roughly translated to “It’s for Tomorrow,” urges for action and mobilization for a better future. It aims to bring big change, focusing on the positive solutions already being implemented in the country by civil society. With the help of the community, it is now available with English subtitles, hoping to spark inspiration and debate across international networks.
19:00- 20:00
MitOst Quiznight
Are you ready to compete with your group against the other Satellite Festivals, to show that the smart people are in your town? Will you manage to answer more questions than the MitOst people from all around the world in other cities? Let's find out together at Friday's Connecting Moment!
12:30 -17:00
Members' Assembly
Anyone from the Festival can join the Members' Assembly, but only MitOst Members are allowed to vote. If you would like to watch the Members' Assembly you can join the common Zoom link at the top of this section.
10:00 - 11: 00
Telegram Friendly Photo Competition
For this Connecting Moment, Satellites are invited to join in a community-building moment with the other participants in their location as well as a friendly competition with other satellites. We will be sending prompts via Telegram with fun activities that the participants have to accomplish together, then they will post photos of the results on the Telegram channel. At the end, we'll check-in and debrief for 10 minutes together on Zoom.