Digital Festival

Festival house

This year’s digital festival house was just like a real offline venue. The daily Check-ins as well as the MitOst Café took place in the Living Room. Kitchen was meant to host the Co-Creation Space. A spacious and bright Courtyard was used for MitOst Agora and the MitOst Members' Assembly. An outdoor space, a Terrace, was where discussions and virtual tours took place. Last but not least, Salon hosted an evening programme - i.e. a movie night or a concert.

Festival Programme

From Wednesday until Friday, the festival programme began in the afternoon (CET) with a check-in, followed by spaces for exchange and collaboration or discussions and the MitOst café. The evening programme consisted of inspiring community moments.

The programme was complemented with the MitOst Agora (during the week) and the MitOst Members’ Assembly on Saturday. On Sunday, we created an opportunity for another co-creation space as well as virtual hugs, reflection and good-byes with the programme ending in the afternoon.

Mindful breaks were also an integral part of the festival programme to give the minds and bodies of participants some time off from the screen.