Natassa Dourida

is the creator and curator of the Communitism project. After studying structural engineering and specialising in the restoration of monuments, she dreamt that, by participating in the restoration of Athenian buildings, she could assist into shifting the local urban mentality. When the crisis kicked in, she had to find other ways of motivating this process, and through her fellowship in the START programme, she came up with an idea for people to treat a crisis as an evolution process: by being active and united, we can re-define common sense again and reform urban mentalities.


is a self-funded social-cultural association, aiming to mobilise social structures into re-activating abandoned buildings of cultural heritage. We are a dynamic community consisting of people of different personalities, nationalities, ages, educational levels and orientations. At this time, we have been granted the use of a listed building, which acts as a field of action for our mission. As we connect, form synergies and learn how to work collectively, we create the conditions for the building to become a common good: a vibrant centre where the involved parties can communicate their social and artistic actions. At a broader level, we are envisioning the creation of a new model for the activation of abandoned spaces that other communities can use, thus contributing to a new approach of the commons.

Stelios Voulgaris

MitOst journey started in 2014 by participating as a member of Team Athens at Actors of Urban Change, a programme focussing on sustainable urban development through cultural activities and cross-sector collaboration in Europe. Since 2010, Stelios is involved in activities of various groups and organisations in Athens, tackling urban challenges. He has a background in legal studies and works as a lawyer. In 2017, he co-founded COMM'ON.


COMM'ON is a non-profit in Athens working as a “backbone” organisation for innovative and sustainable societal collaborations in the city and in smaller communities. COMM’ON is designed as a multileveled space, where people – leading new societal activities – meet, learn from each other, exchange assets and co-create new effective and sustainable solutions for common living, building a new societal eco-system.


Kathrin Oerters

Kathrin Oerters is as cultural manager based in Berlin and coordinator of the MitOst Network of Members and Alumni at MitOst e.V. She is in charge of the annual International MitOst Festival. After graduating in history and philosophy, she worked as a research fellow and lecturer at the Institute for Social Movements in Bochum. From 2013 to 2015 she was a Robert Bosch Cultural Manager in Astrakhan, Russia. With the MitOst Festival she wants to create a place of reflection and co-creation, where participants from all over Europe can meet as people and professional civil society actors.

Andreas Neidhart

Andreas is studying in the master programme „East European Studies“ at Freie Universität Berlin with the focus on history. Since August 2016 Andreas works as a student assistant at MitOst and supports the team in the organization of the Festival and the European Forum.

Lisa Schulze

Lisa is from Berlin and loves urban interventions and the city’s hidden beauties, especially in the outskirts. During her Literature Studies she got a taste of Prague and Pilsen. In Berlin, she experiments with sustainable and minimalist practices. At MitOst she supports the Network of Members and Alumni to create spaces for professional exchange as well as encounters in our humanity.

Ivana Mandić

Ivana is a student of the Master's program in Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts at the University of Bologna and alumna of Balkans let's get up! programme. From March until June 2018 she supported the Network of Members and Alumni Department in the preparation of the CitizensLab meeting and MitOst Camp. Since August 2018 she is back in the team as an EVS volunteer, supporting the organization of the MitOst Festival. 

Clara Schlempp

Clara is an intern at MitOst. She supports the team of the 16th international MitOst-Festival in communication and organization. After a year of volunteering in Uganda, she moved to Berlin to study Philosophy and French. In addition to her studies she organizes spoken word events like the monthly Poetry Slam “Schall und Rauch”.  Events that allow participants vivid cultural exchange excite her just as much as travelling and discovering countries that she has not been to yet.

Anna Jankowska

Anna has a background in German Studies and Local Government and Development Studies. She is active in the fields of Polish-German cooperation and non-formal education. After her fellowship in the German Bundestag, Anna is rejoining the Network of Members and Alumni Department and becomes part of the  Festival team again.