Here is a schedule a description of each planned Agora session:

In the MitOst Agora, we discuss draft resolutions for the members’ assembly as well as proposals for changes to the statutes, explain reports, and exchange ideas around emerging topics. In addition, candidates for committee work present themselves.

The following three Agora sessions will take place this week, we hope to see you there!

Agora Session #1 - Lost and Found

17:00-18:30, Tuesday 21. September 2021

The MitOst cosmos is vast, complex, ever-expanding, always changing; it’s not always easy to find your way and even the most experienced navigators get lost sometimes! Please join our first Agora with all your questions, doubts, and concerns. Anything you were afraid to ask about MitOst or simply didn’t find the occasion. If it’s about the transition, what’s happening with MitOst projects, the festival, community membership, the future. There are no stupid questions...

Agora Session #2 - Commons and Co-Creation: designing and planning formats

17:00-18:30, Wednesday 22. September 2021

In this Agora, we warmly invite you to help us shape the MitOst Commons. The Commons is the space between our organizations, individual members, institutional members, people in the wider community, and newcomers to the MitOst Cosmos. The value of this space is the many connections between each of its parts, and we need your help to design and plan new formats to help maximize that value. We have two goals for this session: 1. to inform you of the developments of the last year, including the formation of the new Commons Team and the activity of the Co-Creation Circle, and 2. to harness your collective intelligence to shape the future of the Commons.

Agora Session #3 - Market place: Report of the board, presentation of the candidates for the committee work 2021/2022 | Proposal: Co-Budgeting for MitOst Community Projects (Future of Project Advisory Board)

17:00-18:30, Thursday 23. September 2021

Here is a quick description of what participants can expect from this Agora session: The Report of the Board will be presented. This will include an overview on the transition process, including the creation of the Council and the establishment of the two entities, Tandem and commit. Furthermore, new Board candidates will be able to present themselves and to respond to members' questions. Finally, you will be able to learn more about the co-budgeting resolution.