MitOst Festival

MitOst e.V. promotes cultural exchange and active citizenship in Europe and its neighbouring regions. With 1500 members in 45 different countries as well as with various partners we are part of a dynamic European network. We organise international programmes and projects and serve as a platform for new forms of social engagement and projects.

Once per year, MitOst invites its friends, members and everyone interested in cultural and civic exchange in Europe and its neighbouring regions to the International MitOst Festival, a four-day international forum offering cultural activities, trainings and networking opportunities.

About 350 people participate in the festival, getting to know the host city and its inhabitants. Moreover, participants present their own projects and initiatives, host sessions, offer workshops, and network. There is plenty of space for self-organised intercultural collaboration. Film screenings, exhibitions, discussions, readings, city tours, and concerts bring the spirit of MitOst to the host city while connecting members, partner organisations, and local inhabitants.

Film created for MitOst e.V. by munu LAB: operator Serzh Kuznetsov & edited by Nikita Sokolov.