Winner Projects Impulses: Berlin-Budapest


We celebrate the city partnership Berlin-Budapest. Read here about our five winner projects, which will take place in the framework of the MitOst-Festival.

Thanks to the financial support of the Senate Chancellery of Berlin, we will take the occasion of the 17th International MitOst Festival to support actions and projects that make the city partnership between Berlin and Budapest tangible and strengthen it on the civil society level.

Through the Impulses: Berlin-Budapest initiative, five projects will be implemented.

The project “Active Together for the Local Good” will promote the community foundation model as a means to foster active citizenship to create better, more inclusive and just societies at the local level. A special focus will be on European and German-Hungarian cooperation.

The project “Activism on Screen: Learning through Watching“ will screen a feature length documentary about the forced exile of Central European University from Budapest and the attempt of its students to reignite Hungarian civil society by creating their “Free University” in front of the parliament.

The project “Berlin-Budapest Production Lab“ is a contribution to making the fashion industry more sustainable. It aims at a design and production (knowledge) transfer between the two cities by mapping design companies as well as production facilities.

The project ”Szimpla TuneUP Berlin – Budapest“ brings together musicians from both cities in a workshop. In a joint creative process they produce a musical performance that reflects the connection of the two cities and the two musical cultures.

The project „Queerdos. ACTing UP“ will offer a workshop for Budapest’s LGBTQI+ community led by members of the Berlin based art-collective Queerdos. The group will produce a performance with a mix of memory exercises, psychological games, trust-building exercises, practicing the skills of speaking out and acting up as well as expressing through body language.

All projects will be present during the MitOst Festival with a contribution to the festival programme.