Programme Flow of the MitOst Festival 2020


We are excited to share the programme flow of the MitOst Festival 2020 with you! You can still sign up for the festival until 15 November.

From Wednesday until Friday, the festival programme begins in the afternoon (CET) with a check-in, the co-creation space for exchange and collaboration or discussions and the MitOst café. The evening programme consists of inspiring community moments.

On Thursday and Friday, the programme will be complemented with the MitOst Agora starting mid-day.

On Saturday, the first part of the day will be dedicated to the MitOst Members’ Assembly. During the second part of the day, we invite you to some community fun.

On Sunday, we will create space for another co-creation space and also virtual hugs, reflection and good-byes with the programme ending in the afternoon.

Breaks will be an integral part of the festival programme to give our minds and bodies time off from the screen.

Sign up here for the MitOst Festival until 15 November!