MitOst Festival Train: Enjoy slow overnight journey to Budapest


Get ready for cultural activities, the MitOst Community and all the unforeseen moments that only happen on trains.

On 1st of October 2019, the night train Berlin – Budapest will depart like any other day. However, this time the train will be filled with the spirit of the MitOst community travelling to the International MitOst Festival. We warmly invite you to join us on this one of a kind journey!

Back in 2010, a big group of festival participants took a train from Moscow to Perm, that year’s festival location. Those who were there remember what an adventure it was! In October 2019, almost a decade later, we will make a train journey again. We will catch the train in the evening in Berlin and wake up in the morning in Budapest. The direct connection offers us fun and more eco-friendly way of travelling to the festival.

Enjoy a slow overnight travel that has become so rare these days as the best option of arriving to Budapest
Taking a train is surely more sustainable than many other options of arriving to the MitOst Festival in Budapest. Moreover, taking a train in a group is way more fun! Besides, you can enjoy some common  activities, you get to know the community a day before the official start of the festival, and you get the opportunity to explore deeper the Berlin-Budapest connection.

MitOst Festival Vibes on Board

Those familiar with long train journeys know that trains create their own cosmos. One can easily become part of a train community and experience: sociability, reading, games, new encounters and sharing memories with old friends, light and deep conversations. You can certainly expect topics such as the open borders and the democratic change in 1989 to come up on this particular journey, but also stories of Berliners and citizens of Budapest as well as moments for your personal MitOst stories and perhaps even some festive toasts and tributes. The Berlin-Budapest train is perfect for you if you want to dive into this slow night travel that has become so rare these days. Be prepared for some joint activities, curated programme and all the unforeseen moments that only happen on trains.

What will the journey look like?
The train will depart from Berlin, on 1st of October at 18:36. Accommodation in couchette or sleeping cars is available. Two complete cars are reserved for MitOst Festival participants. There is free seating in your price category. You are free to agree with other passengers and change your seat in the course of the journey. Based on a short fun survey, you will get a seat suggestion, so you can find your compartment companions to start the exciting and enjoyable journey with.

How to book tickets?
The train tickets can be booked via the online form, and will be sold based on a “first come first served” basis. As we only have a limited number of tickets, it is highly recommended to book the ticket as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please write to festival(at)

Practical Information

Couchette car 54 Euro
Sleeping car 76 Euro


Attention: timetable amendments!

Timetable (Berlin-Gesundbrunnen – Budapest-Keleti)
Berlin-Gesundbrunnen (departure)             18:36
Berlin Lichtenberg (departure)                    18:50                                             
Budapest-Keleti (arrival)                              8:35


The MitOst Festival Train is kindly supported by the Governing Mayor of Berlin - Senate Chancellery.