Glance into the Festival Programme 2019


The festival programme will be filled with a wide spectrum of sessions ranging from a discussion on the commons to a workshop on citizens’ lobbying, or a community dance activity. Here are some examples of what you can look forward to!

Civic Art: Borderline Offensive – Laughing in the Face of Fear

Join a creative discussion about the original artistic projects of the transnational platform Borderline Offensive (a project created by Tandem Shaml alumni), about how art, humour and creative transgression help communities deal with cultural conflicts, such as xenophobia, political polarisation, and extremism. There will be plenty of space to share your perspectives about the role of humour and enjoyment in promoting open peaceful societies, and to dream new possibilities to open the platform to new people.

Puzzle Pieces of Europe: NNI Dialogue – Transformational Dialogue Towards Pro-Active Citizenship

Bring your hopes, dreams and fears: all are welcome! In this session, we will apply the NNI (No-Name Initiative) methodology that allows anonymous systemic voices to come to the fore. NNI Dialogue evokes freedom, safety and courage, allowing every voice (even the most taboo voices) to be expressed and heard. In the exploration of the underlying dynamics, shifts in awareness occur both on a systemic and individual level. We will see more clearly what the puzzle of Europe really is and what is needed to co-create a Europe that works for all.  

Public Spaces: Democratic Game Design

Games can turn public spaces into playgrounds and enable citizens to reflect on social issues in creative and playful ways. In this workshop, three CitizensLab members share and reflect their game development experience from the Heybeli (Khalki) island, Istanbul (Turkey), and introduce the design process of the game created by a group of young Turkish girls. You are encouraged to create and play your own game versions using the rules and various elements of the original game such as dice, map, figures and others. Design guidelines include democratic values such as winning or losing or collaboration vs competition. During a sense-making round, we discuss how game design processes can reflect on democratic challenges of local societies.

Other: Successfully Making the World a Better Place  

We love what we do. However, are we also passionate about marketing our vision and activities? Whether as freelancers or employees in project teams – our work (usually) depends on the budget. Sabrina and Norman are experienced in project fundraising and consulting for creatives. We invite you to combine your profession with fun in entrepreneurship and to develop self-confident negotiation strategies and creative financing channels together. (Session will be held in German.)

Cultural Programme: The Path of Desires

Akos Doma’s novel „Der Weg der Wünsche“ (The path of desires) describes a family’s flight from communist Hungary via Yugoslavia to the West in 1972.
Doma‘s literary perspective on the topics of escape and expulsion allows for a subjective exploration of the impacts of losing one’s home on the individual, their being-in-the-world and their relationships. This family narrative is representative for the stories of many people from Central and Eastern Europe in the second half of the 20th century. Against the backdrop of the current, often emotionally charged debates on migration and refugees, this novel deals with a topic of European relevance while focusing on the human both as individual and subject.

The event is supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung as part of the “Grenzgänger” programme.
Grenzgänger is a programme by the Robert Bosch Stiftung that is implemented in cooperation with the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin e.V.