Festival Team Farewell Celebration


Join us for our „MitOst Community Rocks“ celebration on 13 April.

As the Network of Members and Alumni Department is transforming to become soon a Network Coordination team, also for us, Ania, Kathrin and Lisa, it’s time to transition from our role as MitOst staff members to staying connected with MitOst as community members.

We look back with gratitude, joy and a pinch of melancholy to more than five wonderful, sometimes challenging and always meaningful years of being in conversation and connection with you. During this time, we had the opportunity to co-create spaces for exchange, care and transformation with so many dear and brilliant people. Let’s celebrate our MitOst community!

We want to once more invite you to a space where all of this can happen:
Join us for our „MitOst Community Rocks“ celebration on 13 April from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm:


Let’s have a great time together with fun and laughter, music and dance, memory sharing and conversation. We invite you to co-create the programme with us!