18th International MitOst Festival - Update


The current global health situation and the various measures around it have affected the preparations for the annual MitOst Festival which was originally planned to take place in September in Moldova. We, the festival team in Berlin and Moldova, cannot anticipate when it will be possible for us to meet in person again. But, what we definitely know is that during these exceptional times we want to keep on exchanging, learning, reflecting and being active together. We want to meet at the International MitOst Festival that we all look forward to. Therefore, we decided to turn the 18th International MitOst Festival into a digital journey this year.

The International MitOst Festival 2020 will continue to be a space to share what we experience as individuals, as organisations and initiatives of international civil societies and as a global society. More than ever we want to invite you to collectively reflect on the development of the current situation and to exchange on our role as civil society now and in the future. We want to invite you to explore together how we can create meaningful connections and be in solidarity with each other. This year, we will also make the festival a space where we can share and apply new knowledge and methods that we are growing into in the digital space during these special circumstances. And of course, the festival will remain a space for joyful encounters with old and new friends and for cultural activities. 

Both the festival team from Berlin and Moldova look forward to co-creating this digital festival journey together with you, the members of the MitOst community - stay tuned for updates and details!