Connecting Civil Society Today


Wir wollen eure Geschichten von Möglichkeiten, Prozessen, Fehlern und Erfolgen auf dem MitOst-Festival hören .

Kannst du von Möglichkeiten, Prozessen, Fehlern und Erfolgen rund um positiven gesellschaftlichen Wandel, Bürgerinitiativen oder (Selbst)Organisation von Gemeinschaften erzählen? Wir wollen eure Geschichten auf dem MitOst-Festival hören und uns darüber austauschen.

Would you like to share a story of resilience, citizens’ agencies and processes of “positive societal transformation” reshaping the way to organise local realities and communities? One of the big topics of the 16th International MitOst Festival is “Connecting Civil Society Today”. We are keen to hear your story at the MitOst Festival.

The Festival is a place to get connected and exchange views on current issues with other civil society actors and people from interconnected sectors from all over Europe and its neighbouring regions. The Festival is a unique opportunity for diverse international civil society actors to contribute with their own knowledge and expertise to the Festival Programme in a friendly and festive atmosphere. We invite you to share your ideas, experiences and best practices, to have deep conversations, develop new projects and join a multifaceted cultural programme. Join us in Athens and spread the word! Registration is open until 4July 2018.