During four days the MitOst Festival will offer you a wide range of topics and formats – to discuss, share, learn and network.

The festival creates a third space, where peaceful exchange, reflexion, learning and co-creation are possible. The four day programme usually consists of about 80 overlapping events: discussions, lectures, workshops, presentations, working groups and vivid cultural offers ranging from filmscreenings and exhibitions to music concerts and performances.

We are all in for peer education, meaning that events are being shaped by the participants themselves. You share your knowledge, your expertise, present examplary projects, talk about approaches and methods, discuss problems and trends and develop common ideas and goals.

The festival team helps with drafting and planning of events, identifies focal points, curates the programme and makes sure everything holds together. That means a lot of space for spontaneous, informal and self-made ideas and projects. Here you will find more information about getting involved.

Programme MitOst Festival 2017

Here you can find the complete programme brochure for downloading. A printed version you will get at the info desk at the festivals headquarters.

Public Accompanying Programme

City Fair

Wednesday, 4.10., 18:00 – 22:00
Große Scharrnstraße, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

To start the Festival we invite all of you to celebrate with us. We want to get into an exchange with citizens of our two host cities. An old, sleepy street turns into a vibrant fair. Regional initiatives with different focus present themselves creatively and invite you to join. A joyous evening is guaranteed by a fire artist, local bands and tasty tidbits. Enjoy the ride, get inspired and get to know each other!

Keynote: Krzysztof Czyżewski

Thursday, 5.10., 11:30 – 12:30
Duża Aula, Collegium Polonicum, Tadeusza Kościuszki 1, Słubice

The most famous project by Krzysztof Czyżewski is a legend and seems to be something like a blueprint for what a space at the margin can turn into. Our speaker is an artist and invents inviting structures in structurally underdeveloped areas. The almost world-wide network, which he had started to build when the iron curtain was still dividing Europe, also values him as author and director. During his keynote he will suggest how the House of Europe can stay an open, creative and tolerant home and what each of us can contribute to that.

China’s Children – Modern Rebels in an Ancient World

Freitag, 6.10., 20:00 – 21:30
Fforst e.V., Forststraße 4, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Places are limited. Please register via

The authors Sonja Maaß and Jörg Endriss travelled through China and collected intriguing stories from young Chinese. The result are 30 impressive as well as entertaining portraits, in which we get an insight into the young generation’s lives, values and opinions. We meet founders of eco-communities, start-up entrepreneurs, plastic flower children and a professional computer gamer.

It is evident: China’s youth is much more colourful, modern and reflected, as it often seems to us from a distance. After a reading in German and a moderated discussion in English the floor will be open for the audience’s questions to the authors. The event is supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung within the programme “Grenzgänger”.

Jörg Endriss, Sonja Maaß; Moderation: Oliver Radtke

Der Staat

Friday, 6.10., 19:30 – 21:00
Modernes Theater Oderland e.V., Ziegelstraße 28 , 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

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(This event takes place only in German)

Der Staat basiert auf einer außergewöhnlichen Idee: Ein Theater ohne Schauspieler und ohne Regisseur. Auf welchen Regeln gründet eine Gesellschaft, wie funktioniert Demokratie? Der Staat erzählt zugleich die wahre Geschichte eines Bulgaren, der sich selbst verbrannte als Zeichen des Protests gegen das System. Zwei Jahre lang durfte der Text in Bulgarien nicht aufgeführt werden, dann erhielt er 2015 eine Einladung zum Stückemarkt des Berliner Theatertreffens und war seitdem auf rund 20 Festivals und Veranstaltungen weltweit zu erleben.

Text: Alexander Manuiloff
German Version: Hannes Becker
Einrichtung: Melanie Stein

Cats & Breakkies

Saturday, 7.10., 21:30 – 23:00
Frosch – Der Club & Modernes Theater Oderland e.V., Ziegelstraße 28 , 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

In the framework of the public final party of the 15 International MitOst Festival he quintet Cats & Breakkies uses its potential and its musical possibilities to create a unique and endless spectrum of
sound and rhythm. The supporting pillars are techno and house, walled and seasoned by elements of jazz and world music. The musicians are constantly searching for new creative angles in order to overcome musical borders and break with conventions. Dynamic, hot-blooded and characterful, Cats & Breakkies play organic electro between explosive intensity and contemplative, spherical moments.

Tracing Michael Hans Kohlhaase

Sunday, 8.10., 9:30 – 18:30
Meeting point is in front of the Kleist-Museum in Frankfurt(Oder) at 9:30 am.
Departure at Kleist-Museum: 10:00
Departure at Dom Studencki w Słubicach, ul. Piłsudskiego 14: 10:15

Places are limited. Please register via
Tickets including subsistence: 25,00€ (normal) / 20,00€ (reduced)/ 40,00€ (family ticket)

A dramatic life story served as inspiration for Heinrich von Kleists most famous tale “Michael Kohlhaas”: The historical figure Hans Kohlhase was probably born in Tempelberg, worked as a salesman in Cölln and was sentenced to death and executed in 1540 in Berlin. Our bus trip will follow the paths of both the historical and fictionary Kohlhaas. Thus participants will be introduced to the cultural landscape of Hans Michael Kohlhaase. The fictionary Michael Kohlhaas (of Kleist) is a horse dealer and against this background we will visit a stud next to Słubice. There we will face questions regarding nowadays realities of the historical horse dealing profession such as: Which significance does have horse breeding and dealing as well as horseback riding tourism with regards to economic upswing of the region? The “other”, historical Hans Kohlhase will bring us to Tempelberg his estimated place of birth. Here we will explore the influence of the story of the fractious Kohlhase who took the law into his own hands willing to act unethical after he experienced injustice himself to the identity of the locals. Do they perceive themselves as more resistant and recalcitrant than others? How do they remember the Kohlhaas-Open-Air which took place in 2009?

The trip aims to connect participants of two Festivals, the Kleist-Fesstage and the 15.International MitOst-Festival, which take place at the same time in Frankfurt(Oder).

We are very much looking forward to this moment of encounter and spontaneous. A communal morning coffee before we will depart from Kleist-Museum as well as a lunch and coffee break will be part of the program and will offer possibilities to connect.

Here you can find the complete programme brochure for downloading. A printed version you will get at the info desk at the festivals headquarters.