During four days the MitOst Festival will offer you a wide range of topics and formats – to discuss, share, learn and network.

The festival creates a third space, where peaceful exchange, reflexion, learning and co-creation are possible. The four day programme usually consists of about 80 overlapping events: discussions, lectures, workshops, presentations, working groups and vivid cultural offers ranging from filmscreenings and exhibitions to music concerts and performances.

We are all in for peer education, meaning that events are being shaped by the participants themselves. You share your knowledge, your expertise, present examplary projects, talk about approaches and methods, discuss problems and trends and develop common ideas and goals.

The festival team helps with drafting and planning of events, identifies focal points, curates the programme and makes sure everything holds together. That means a lot of space for spontaneous, informal and self-made ideas and projects. Here you will find more information about getting involved.

Soon we will provide you with further details about

Programme and topics of this years MitOst-Festival 2017

Programme schedule


16.00-17.30     Opening
17.30-22.30City fair


9.00-9.30Early Bird Session
9.30-11.00Workshops – Discussions
11.00-12.30Inspiration Keynote
12.30-14.00Lunch break
14.30-16.00Workshops – Discussions
16.00-17.30Workshops – Discussions
17.30-19.00Inspiration Keynote
19.00-21.00Community Dinner – Kitchen Stories
21.00-22.30Culture (Reading, Concert, Exhibition)


9.00-9.30Early Bird Session
9.30-11.00Workshops – Discussions
11.00-12.30Workshops – Discussions
12.30-14.00Lunch break
14.30-16.00Workshops – DiscussionsNetworking, project presentationFootball
16.00-17.30Workshops – DiscussionsFrisbee
17.30-19.30Inspiration Keynote
19.30-21.00Dinner (self-organised)
21.00-22.30Culture (Music, Theatre)


9.30-13.00Members' AssemblyOpen SpaceFolkstheater-Konferenz
14.30-15.00LunchLunch (self-organised)Folkstheater-Konferenz
15.00-16.00Members' AssemblyOpen SpaceFolkstheater-Konferenz
16.00-17.30Open SpaceFolkstheater-Konferenz
19.30-21.00Dinner (self-organised)
21.00-22.30Tombola Film


9.30-12.30Brunch Choir concert