Festival Team

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Language Mediators / Translators

There are no language barriers to the MitOst charme. Help us to organise a multi-lingual festival: you could translate information either for the programme brochure or for the website, build tandems during the Festival or translate Festival events. In addition to translations from and to German, Russian and English, also Polish will be needed at this year’s Festival. What else could make the Festival more inclusive and comprehensible for all participants? We are looking forward to your ideas and language support during the Festival and beforehand!

Festival Documentarists

You love taking photos, you are enthusiastic about filmmaking, you enjoy conducting interviews, writing reportages or articles about the Festival – then you are exactly whom we are looking for! It would be great if a group of documentary enthusiasts would join up to capture the Festival’s atmosphere and content, using words, image and sound.

This year, we are also looking for people who would like to take notes or try out graphic recording during the workshops to make the content of the workshops accessible also to those who cannot attend a particular event.

Child Care

It is important for us that members who want to participate in the Festival together with their children will have a good time. If you are experienced in taking care of children or if you have an idea for a workshop suitable and interesting for different age groups, you can contribute to making the MitOst Festival both interesting and exciting and at the same time relaxed for all ages. 

Travel Scouts

Will you start from a city which might be a good hub and starting point for a collective trip of several Festival participants? And would you like to coordinate a joint trip for a small group of travellers? Then get in touch with the Festival team!

Support at the Information Desk 

We are looking for volunteers for shifts at the info desk – you will get to know a lot of great people in no time.

Room Facilitators

Being in charge of a room, you will ensure that the workshop leaders can fully concentrate on their event. Before a workshop you get the room ready by moving around chairs, preparing materials and setting up the technical equipment; during the event you are the time keeper – and enjoy an exciting workshop.

Helpers for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses 

You are not afraid of accounting tasks and speak more than one language? Great – You could support Uta Protzmann with travel cost reimbursement for her to also enjoy at least parts of the Festival programme.


Kitchens are always the best place for amazing conversations! Therefore, we would like to meet in the evening of Festival’s Thursday to enjoy "kitchen stories". In several cozy nooks we will be listening to exciting stories from the network. To prevent our stomachs from growling, we are going to cook up some great meals together beforehand. As a chef, you wear the cook's hat and look for a delicious and uncomplicated recipe before the Festival, go shopping (at our expense of course) and coordinate the activities of a cooking group. 

Interior Designers

We would like to create a physical place on the Festival grounds where you can meet for a conversation, but also take a short break and relax with a book or cup of coffee. If you have ideas, an eye for detail and would like to co-create such a Festival café, please get in touch with us!

DJs and DJanes

We are looking for people who will make us dance at the parties and evening events be it with their guitar or their favourite mixtape. Whether live music or deep basses from turntables, all talented DJs and musicians are welcome.

We are looking forward to people committing and participating. Please take responsibilities for our festival in Athens. The festival's success is in all our hands – get involved, organise an event, be in charge of something, spread your ideas! Please contact us via festival(at)mitost.org