Sustainable Travelling and Competition

10.08.2017  |  Participation

We care and encourage the sustainable and eco-friendly way of travelling. This time, we are not only asking you to take the environmental aspect into account when planning your trip. With a Sustainability Competition and new conditions for Granting the Travel Allowances we aim at increasing awareness for sustainable travelling and we count on your support in this endeavor!

Sustainability Competition – The Most Eco-friendly Trip to the Festival Will Be Rewarded!
The participant with the longest trip WITHOUT the use of an airplane will get all their travel expenses reimbursed, up to an amount of 250 € - regardless of a membership status. We will take into account the linear distance between the start city and Frankfurt (Oder). Uta Protzmann who is responsible for reimbursement of travel expenses during the Festival will also take care of this competition.

Conditions for Granting the Travel Allowances
For distances of less than 600 km or 10 hours travel time (start city - Frankfurt (Oder)) we want to make using the bus and train the options of choice – and a condition for reimbursement of travel expenses. However, if you still plan to travel to the Festival by plane for such short distances, please send us a short explanation and ask for approval from the Festival team before booking.

Short-haul and connecting flights are particularly harmful to the environment. Therefore, if you need to take a plane and cannot find a direct connection, change to a bus or train instead of taking another connecting flight. Popular airports might be Frankfurt (Main), Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig, or Prague. From these cities, please take a train or bus for the continuation of your trip, instead of taking a second airplane, which we would not reimburse.

Some MitOst programmes have been successfully using this rules for a while, and now we would like to try it out for the Festival, too. If you have questions or comments about this rules, please contact us at festival(at)


For more information have a look at out tips for travelling.